September 26, 2023

Cyferd launches ‘Neural Genesis’ the AI advanced software

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Cyferd, a leading technology company, today announced the launch of its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) software; ‘Neural Genesis (NG).’ By inputting just a few words, CyferdNG can generate applications in seconds creating a cutting-edge platform that can be used enterprise-wide in minutes, slashing the cost of implementation substantially. Recent AI advancements are great at academic examples and creating funny jokes, while NG builds integrated data lenses.

The unveiling of Neural Genesis will impact all sectors ranging from education, health to media and can instantly improve efficiency and productivity by generating sector-specific operational platforms instantly. This is set to transform not only the tech industry but all industries, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and machine-learning techniques to deliver a platform of advanced business tools that can help firms improve their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Cyferd is a UK-born company, that has expanded exponentially into the US, the UAE, Canada, and Spain, and has continued to push technological boundaries while doing so. The entry into key markets has brought to life the vision of AI development and enabled the release of Neural Genesis with such force.

“AI is no longer just a buzzword in the technology industry, it’s a game changer,” said Ranjit Bahia, CEO. “We are beyond excited to launch Neural Genesis. AI has the potential to radically change the way businesses operate, Neural Genesis is at the forefront bringing that potential into reality for all organisations across any sector”

“Our product is designed to help companies leverage the full power of AI and stay ahead of the competition – Neural Genesis makes ChatGPT look like child’s play.” – Abdulla Al Mutaiwee, President Dubai.

Cyferd is a next-generational tech company helping businesses build cloud-based, no-code applications for the entire enterprise. One platform allows fast innovation with a common

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