April 22, 2024

Google launched Gemini for artificial intelligence

Google: Cairopost, News Desk

Google announced the release of a new version of their “Bard” smartphone software based on generative artificial intelligence, dubbed “Gemini.”

The organization noted in a statement that this new application, which will be downloadable on the Android system and accessible through the Google app on Apple’s iOS system, is “an important first step in designing a real assistant program based on artificial intelligence”.

Google suggested that a driver may snap a photo of his car’s punctured tire and ask Gemini for directions on how to replace it. In addition, the application allows users to leave comments on photos they have taken. The Gemini program will allow you to perform a variety of Google Assistant operations, such as making calls and controlling smart devices.

The Gemini app is accessible in the United States starting Thursday and “in more countries” beginning next week in English, Japanese, and Korean. According to a Google spokesperson, the program is not yet available for download in Europe. The European Union’s member states recently enacted the world’s first legislation to regulate artificial intelligence.

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