April 24, 2024

James Plateau: Egyptian players have progressed dramatically

Cairo: Cairopost, News desk

James Plateau, President of the French Gymnastics Federation, praised the impressive organization of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Egypt, emphasizing that the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation, led by Dr. Ihab Amin, worked tirelessly to bring the tournament to the international stage that everyone witnessed.

According to James, the Egyptian players have grown tremendously, are fierce competitors, and will compete strongly in the next stage of the world championships to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. He said that the tournament saw excellent competition befitting its wonderful organization, with competitions rising to the level of the Olympics rather than the World Cup.

Regarding the French capital, Paris, which will host the Olympic Games this year, James stated: France is working hard to create the world’s largest event, hoping that it will turn out as planned and achieve incredible success, as we witnessed with the 2024 World Cup in Cairo.

Egypt hosted the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, part of a series of world championships qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics, in the hall complex of Cairo Stadium. This year’s competition saw the participation of 70 countries, with a total of 293 male and female players, the greatest number of countries in World Cup tournaments, including all international and Olympic world champions.

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