May 26, 2024

Meet the New Five-Star Certified Monitors for Eye Comfort

Cutting-edge UltraSharp monitors deliver the best screen performance, now with world’s first 5K monitor with eye comfort certification.

Author: Yoon Lee
Vice President, Displays, Dell Technologies

Raising the bar and becoming a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree, Dell Technologies is introducing the world’s first 40-inch 5K monitor certified for five-star eye comfort,1 the Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved ThunderboltTM Hub Monitor (U4025QW). Marking nine years of being an industry leader in PC monitors,2 Dell continues to push the boundaries of display innovation, bridging the gap for those who demand ultimate performance with the best technology and design.

Whether you’re a content creator, data scientist or engineer, or you just need a monitor to keep you in your flow—a device with the best value in precision and efficiency is critical to keeping you productive in any work environment.

Known for outstanding visuals, the U4025QW is a must-have for professionals who require clarity and remarkable color. This ultrawide curved VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified monitor comes with IPS Black Panel technology for greater color contrast and intricate detail in 5K resolution (5120×2160).

Enhancing Eye Health with the New UltraSharp Monitor

As we continue to innovate to provide the best viewing experience, we have also partnered with TUV Rheinland® in enhancing eye wellness. Dell’s UltraSharp monitors are the first to have TUV Rheinland® five-star eye comfort certification, a new industry standard for eye comfort to help reduce signs of eye fatigue. Dell was the first to meet this new industry standard by achieving three things:

We doubled the refresh rate, going from a 60Hz to 120Hz refresh rate, to deliver smoother and sharper motion visuals.3

We built in an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness and color temperature according to ambient light condition. Recent studies show this can reduce the frequency of eye fatigue signs by 7% to 17% compared to a screen maintaining constant brightness. 4

We improved Dell ComfortView Plus by reducing harmful blue light exposures with more advanced LED backlight, going from 50% exposure to less than 35% exposure. Research shows this can reduce signs of eye fatigue by 8% after 50 minutes of performing a search task. 5

Precision, Productivity and Convenience 

When it comes to tasks requiring pinpoint color accuracy, a monitor isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for ensuring your work looks as vibrant and true-to-form as intended. This monitor boasts a 99% DCI-P3 / Display P3 color space, perfect for those color-critical tasks. Users can also easily calibrate the colors on their screen with Dell Color Management software.6

This monitor goes above and beyond with its connectivity options, offering Thunderbolt 4 for single-cable convenience with up to 140W power delivery. It also supports high-speed wired Ethernet connectivity at 2.5 Gbps via RJ45, along with HDMI 2.1 FRL (Fixed Rate Link) and DisplayPort 1.4 for smooth image transmission, minimizing any loss in visual quality. The UltraSharp monitor is presented in a premium platinum silver finish for a clean aesthetic, and its intuitively designed front-facing quick access ports make it easy to connect your external devices. 

If you’re looking for a smaller size display, the new Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved ThunderboltTM Hub Monitor (U3425WE) will be available with WQHD resolution (2560×1440) and offers many of the same great features including TUV Rheinland® five-star eye comfort certification, IPS Black technology and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity (up to 90W power delivery).

Advancing Sustainability

We have increased our commitment to more sustainable materials in both production and packaging processes. Made from 100% recycled and/or renewable content,7 the packaging used to protect the UltraSharp monitors brings us one step closer to meeting our ambitious 2030 Goals. Both the U4025QW and U3425WE monitors are made from 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic8 and 100% recycled aluminum.

These monitors also meet the latest environmental standards such as EnergyStar® and TCO Certified Edge and are EPEAT® Gold9 registered​. Dell is an EPEAT Climate+ champion and has the industry’s widest portfolio of monitors10 achieving the EPEAT Climate+ designation, meaning these products have met the industry’s best practices for sustainability and emissions reductions.

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