April 22, 2024

Microsoft launches the “Copilot” helper to improve artificial intelligence

Microsoft: Cairopost, News Desk

Business Insider revealed yesterday that Microsoft will debut the Microsoft 365 Copilot virtual assistant in order to encourage more developers to adopt artificial intelligence.

It added that the company is doing experimental testing to enhance the usage of artificial intelligence tools among its developer community, and that it plans to roll out this feature on a bigger scale among its team for the first time. The company’s investments and relationship with OpenAI, the developer of the famous chatbot, combined with the continuous expansion of its cloud computing sector, propelled Microsoft to the top of the world’s most valuable corporations, surpassing Apple.

Copilot is driven by generative AI and built with OpenAI’s big language models. It is a new feature in Office and Microsoft 365 that covers Word, Outlook, and Teams. In November, Microsoft started offering CoPilot for $30 per month. The new tool can summarize your inbox and make presentation slides.

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